Info centre RINKA Solčava (7 km)    

Info point - Logarska dolina (0,5 km) 

Center Rinkaoffers the following:

A tourist information point for visitors, offering information, guides, entertainment staff, lectures and movies about the area and exhibitions. 

A permanent exhibition about life and nature

in Solčavsko with the title:  Solčavsko–a Walk into the Lap of the Alps.

There is also a place for sampling food, reading, using the internet, and a bar. There is also a play area for children.

We offer an exhibition and selling space for the following products:

products made from Solčavskomountain wood, products made from the wool of the local Jezersko-Solčavasheep breed,

products from the local stone –Solčavamarble

and products from the Solčavafarms.

Available at info point:

Tourist information, literature, field maps,

promotion materials,

rental of electric bikes,

complimentary recharging station for electric vehicles.